Bangalore City Group of Institutions

Affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of Health & Science and Bangalore University
Approved by Govt. of Karnataka, Recognized by KNC & Indian Nursing Council (Govt. of India) & NCTE


Thanks you for your interest in program dedicated to serve the sick, needy and down trodden, and to be responsible, competent and morally sensitive in serving and nurshing the needy in the society. Please read the following pages carefully for the admission process. It is your responsibility as an application to make certain that all documents are received by the admission office before the deadline.

The methods of instructions are as per the syllabus of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences & Indian Nursing Council and rely heavily on the exchange of ideas among faculty and students to ensure the richness of experience, background, personal characteristic and commitment to nursing career. The written application and its supporting materials continue to be a source of primary importance in the selection process. The application affords you an opportunity to describe to the Admissions Board some aspects of your personal background, accomplishments academic ability, plans for the future and interest in attending the Nursing program. In preparing this application, we ask you to give us complete and explicit picture of yourself as possible. We trust your application is your own honest, private statement to the Admission Board.. No application will be considered until all supporting documents are received.

We would like to assure all applicants that their application documents are thoroughly and professionally considered, each candidate is evaluated in terms of his/her particular strengths and talents. The completed application together with all supporting documents should be submitted to the management and becomes the confidential property of the management and is not returnable. The management considers your application documents not only as confidential but very personal and very private